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Frailty thy name is women: Pervasiveness of male power and limiting conception of women

AbstractThis paper analyzes the under- representation of women, pervasiveness of male power, the limited roles of women and limiting conceptions of women held by the male characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The research paper will explore in Shakespeare’s Hamlet the portrayal of Gertrude and Ophelia being entirely depended on the point of view of male characters since the play fails to provide individual voice to the motives, desires and defense of each. The works and research conducted on Shakespeare’s tragedies in the feminist paradigm raise similar questions about the above mentioned text and therefore can be referred to, to provide some revelatory findings on the subject.  Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare appeared on the scene as an identifiable “movement”, with the publication of Juliet Dusinberre’s Shakespeare and Nature o f Women in 1975, with its primary aim being “rectifying sexist misinterpretation of Shakespeare’s female characters”.(1)Other …