Friday, 17 June 2016

The Knock

And there is it again. He barged in. And what for did he need consent? What for?

What was there to hide? -a mauled dream, a crumpled paper, a crushed chrysanthemum, empty stained cups of consumed tea? - An unsullied by requirement, by default, by inspection, Insanity?

And he by certification, sanctimonious consensus,

An unquestionable unanimous one! mind you!
How dare you?
Emblem there, there and there, obviously.

Shingle eyed to mere frequent bouts of vagrancy.
Flouted, Sanctified, Justified.
Fragmented, Disassociated, Denied.
No passport required, no knocks, no go-aheads, and no say-sos.

His;a sanctioned bland madness.
And mine- a sinking malady.                                                                 -Plath's Kin

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